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bhakti & love 
on devotion 

Love's Leela

Love, how wondrous Thou art
in this game of forgetting and remembering
where the practice of remembrance that is the skill to finding Thee
is itself Love as art Thou, even when Thou art masked to me.

I mask myself after having gazed upon Your face for shame;
Thou hast never left my side.
Throughout all tribulations Thou hast carried me in your arms,
and yet I know this vast Love that Thou art
is the Essence of myself, and I see that I Love others
just the same.

Through Love, I know they are completely One with Thee.
Through Love, I know they are One with me, as Thou art.
I bask then, in the greatness of the Love that hasn't ever left my side.

I remember that we are One.

Eppi Sukhu, MHSc.