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a perspective 

the ages 
t h e     a g e s

In many faith traditions we hear that ages, stages, or chunks of years have certain qualities or attributes. In Sanatana Dharma (alt. Hinduism) for example, the yugas (ages, eras) are often spoken of in relation to humankind's present, past, or future experience and general state in regards to overall well-being, consciousness/shifts in consciousness, and general enlightenment or lack thereof. For example, the Dark Age, the age of Kali or the Kali Yuga, is described as a generally distressing period; a period of suffering for many.

Swami Shri Yukteswar Giri examines and explains the yugas, and clarifies the current age or yuga in The Holy Science.  

One who lies down is Kali
One who awakes is Dvapara
One who stands up becomes Treta
And one who moves on realises the Satya Yuga.
Therefore move on!

— Aitareya Brahmana, Rigveda