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Everlasting Life

Standing in the Light

The beauty rages, as the warm glow of love,
held close to the heart, forever enchanted,
beats fervently with excitement.
The minds own inner thoughts, no longer
confused and held in bondage by the past.
A freedom like no other.
The breeze that lifts gently upon ones
own spirit. A Knowing, that All, IS possible.

Life After Death

Is the release, of negative feelings and emotions
To accept what is dealt us, a preconceived notion.
To fight that negative voice, that echoes in the head
To repeat your choices with confidence, until it is dead.

Is I AM's, the choices you make
After repetition, and new habits do take.
The subconscious, and conscious, working as one
Confusion has ceased, life has begun.

The Miracle of Life
The miracle of life, I thought only as birth
I'm now realizing, it's only of earth.
A miracle indeed, but just one of many
When joining the spirit, you'll see there is plenty.
That in itself, is a second birth
And that one is surely, not of the earth.
But then it was, to my surprise, that when
you die your spirit rise.
And with that said, then birth be three
I understand on bended knee.
And praise the Lord, for his gift so fine
Knowing no death, is truly divine.

Starting Over

To cast your eyes upon the ground
That's where the whole of life you've found.
What you've learned will throw you off track
If you don't choose and take your life back.
It is yours, but that's not what's taught
To break away, a battle that needs to be fought.
It's all inside, and it's up to you
Follow the old path, or choose what is true.
To create new habits while releasing the old
Takes repetition and let the other stuff go.
It is very easy when logic sets in.
Repeat to yourself, and watch your new life

The Most Cherished Gift
Inspired by Beverly Lothridge
If asked, What is your most cherished gift
in life? The answer would be, that I Am a
creature of habit. If asked, Why do you
cherish that so, aren't we all? I would say,
because that gives us the ability to choose
the habits we wish to hold, and release all
the habits we don't. And yes, we all have
that ability. If asked, How do you make such
a change happen? I would say, you first must
choose for you, then you must be willing to
supply yourself, the repetition necessary to
make it a habit. If asked, Is it really that
simple? I would say, only if you are Acting
as If you already are your choices, and are
releasing the old habits along the way.
If asked, will this really make a difference?
The answer would be, absolutely, after all,
that is why, I cherish it so.


It's really simple, the workings of the mind.
When the subconscious and conscious,
together in time.
We're creatures of habits, We've learned
since small. Just bits and pieces, and
confusions the wall.
The way to understanding is to choose for yourself.
Choose Confidence and Understanding,
for pure mental health.
Repetition is the key, but you must create
your own. In present tense, for the heavens to be shown.
I AM indeed anything I choose. With Wisdom
and Knowledge I can't lose.
Act as if...New life, before your eyes.
Release the past. Save your lives.

To the Light

A Journey Within

It's to the light, you find within
Where there's peace, love, freedom from sin.
Rise up to faith's shinning face
Within the heavens, glorious grace.
The truth IS, what you believe
Creatures of habit, with WILL to conceive.
The warmest of love, Do you hear the voice?
To walk in the light, IS a choice.
Release the past, that throws you off track
Bad feelings and emotions, hold you back.
We create in his image, TRUE to ONE
The journey to the light, has now begun.


Missing: Faith
Faith comes from within oneself.
There, you will find happiness,
peace and wealth.
The habits learned, throughout the years
Have turned to heartache, and full of fears.
You must be confident, and courageous,
to break the mold.
You must choose for yourself,
for the heavens to unfold.
To fight the ingrained voice within
To eliminate all its hurt and pain.
Gods gift to us, is deep inside
Have faith my friend, no need to hide.

Running and screaming and in circles do find
The wasting and wanting, the lacking of time.
Lives continue to run amuck
For those who believe, they've run out of luck.
We hear complaints of how things are
Yet change in action are still afar.
Confusion continues and as it mounts
Out of control, creating doubts.
The confusion, you see, is in the mind
Take the time to just unwind.
Take the time to meditate
Love yourself and do not hate.
Forgive yourself, and those that harm
Love for all is what will charm.
Reach inside, pull out the peace
Then confusion, will have to cease.

Enter the Realm

When subconscious and conscious, become as one
Mind, heart and soul, the journey's begun.
The truth, with understanding it brings
The spirit, in peace and joy as it sings.
Most live in confusion, their mind at a loss
Lives spiraling downward, sanity the cost.
Mental disease is the natural digression
That's how it is, with the mind/spirit separation.
Act in this way, like a puppet on a string
Heartache and misery, old habits will bring.
Leave the path, that is trodden and worn
It's from the old habits, your mind must be torn.
Repetition releases the hold of the past
Choose for yourself, freedom at last.
Rely on no other, to free you inside
Rely on yourself, as your spiritual guide.


So far away, between what was and what is.
A road that seemed so endless. When in reality,
only you can end this.
The bondage, the suffering, one puts on themselves
All the garbage and old luggage, packed away on the shelves.
Your walls are built tall, solid and true
They're only blocking you from you.
We're creatures of habit, and learn indeed
Now we are spirits, desperately in need.
Learn from all others, that are around us
Just bits and confuse us.
So how do we get from what was to what is?
The answer's really simple. Choose for yourself,
ACT as if, and you become the sample
Let go all the garbage that you didn't choose,
and BE, all you can be. For when you do, your mind is true,
for all possibility.
Go into your mind and take control
How much of your brain do YOU use?
Open your mind to the heavens, and miraculously,
you can't lose.


Fear Not

Wiser than those, whose hearts may be
Wondering, worrying, insides all churning.
Stay within the walls you hide
Afraid to open eyes up wide.
Take heed to those, who stumble and fall
It's never to late to take down that wall.
Let go all, that you've been holding
For stagnate and dead, is the life you've
been folding.
Stand up, "Grab on to faith", I say
"Go within, your sin debt is paid."
"Hark unto you", said the voice from within.
"Onto you, a new life begins."


Grab understanding, let ye not be fools.
It's the wind that blows. It's thy
past that rules. The destruction, the
devastation. Why hast thou done this? Why
hast thou taken, this, as just? The wisdom
and knowledge is in thy hand. Says, the
Kingdom of the Universe and the Ruler of the
Land. Why dost thou judge? Why dost thou
torture? Dost thou even know?
Dost thou know what makes thou, treat Thyself
so low? But what is seen from looking in?
A spirit too tired to free from sin? Don't
turn away. Don't run and hide. Take a look
at what's inside. How this happened, how this
came to be. Look inside to plainly see. Take
control, and habits doth create. It IS thy
choice. Why dost thou wait?

All poems © Tammy Rebecca Swanson. Reproduced with permission.

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