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w o r d s     o n     D i v i n i t y

There was a poet who once wrote,

You cannot pluck a little flower
Without the shaking of a star.

All life is one. There is one common consciousness which links the life of all beings into one great cosmic unity (Swami Omkarananda, "Life is One").

In thought, the lover of Divine is everywhere present. He or she is "no longer a little being wrapped in a little body." Rather, she/he is a "bodiless, omnipresent intelligence and consciousness." The lover of the Divine soon makes him/herself universal; cosmic. The ego becomes weaker, and the purity of the lover of the Divine increases. When his or her purity is great, he or she suddenly experiences himself or herself in all. There is no difference between the lover of the Divine and any other living being (Swami Omkarananda, "Man without Ego is God").

When you experience this you discover yourself in the good person, in the bad person, in trees and stones, in the water, in the rivers — in everyone and everything and beyond everything. Ego disappears completely. One has become one with God and humanity, God and universe. One goes beyond the limits of the universe, in consciousness. Man with ego is the worst being in the whole of creation! Man without ego becomes God Himself (Swami Omkarananda, "Man without Ego is God").

Anything is possible through prayer.
Anything is possible through union with God.

Anything is possible through union with the Cosmos.
Anything is possible through union with the Life Force.

Anything is possible through union with Cosmic Consciousness.
Anything is possible with knowledge of the Self.

Anything is possible through union with the Beloved.
Anything is possible, in Love.

                        — Eppi Sukhu

Eppi Sukhu, MHSc.


Sri Swami Chidananda, "Life is One". September 2006 discourse. Divine Life Society.

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